Invaders on the Horizon! Advancing Invasion Science from Genes to Ecosystems and Society is a scientific conference that aims to foster interdisciplinary collaboration and explore the multifaceted challenges posed by invasive alien species, a major driver of global change. With a strong focus on the genetic, ecological, and societal aspects of biological invasions, this conference provides a unique platform to exchange knowledge and insights. 

By attending this conference, you will have the opportunity to engage with renowned experts, exchange ground breaking ideas, and contribute to the collective understanding of invasive species. Join us at Invaders on the Horizon! and be part of the vibrant scientific community committed to tackling the challenges posed by biological invasions!

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!! Abstract submission closed !!

Two main sessions:

  • From genes to ecosystems
  • From ecosystems to society

Important dates:

  • Abstract acceptance: September 20, 2023

Early registration is open until 30th September!!


  • BIOPOLIS – CIBIO or University of Montpellier: Free
  • Other institutions: 15 EUR

Researchers / Other participants

  • BIOPOLIS – CIBIO or University of Montpellier: 25 EUR
  • Other institutions: 100 EUR

Fees include: Lunch and coffee breaks

Conference dinner: Additional fee of 20 EUR

Helen Roy

UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology

Bernd Lenzner

Division of Bioinvasions, Global Change, Macroecology at the University of Vienna

Tanara Renard Truong

IPBES Assessment Coordinator

Ivan Jaric

University of Paris-Saclay in France & Biology Centre of the Czech Academy of Sciences

Pedro Naves

INIAV´s Acarological Laboratory

The conference will take place at Auditório Municipal de Vila do Conde.